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Other News

Joseph Thomas wins Innova DiscTravler. Joseph is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He purchased 2 baskets out of his own pocket so he could start a disc golf club at the school where he works.


1, -13, Chris H
2, -10, Nate K...
3, -9, Jesse S
4, -4, Mike B
4, -4, Jay P
4, -4, Santos M
7, -3, Nat W
8, -2, Travis F
8, -2, Timmy H

1, -1, Ben E
2, 0, Matt B
3, +6, Jonathan C

1, -1, David F
2, +2, Chris M
3, +7, Steve G

1, Michael B




Donation Spread Sheet

Jesse K's Thoughts

Great weather.. Great party.. Great IceBowl. Not to mention this was a non~sanctioned, charity event. Keep it up P.P.F.D.C. And a shout out to all the players who helped out people less fortunate by playing or donating. But a special thanks from me to our spotters.. All TDs involved...whoever shoveled paths.. all sponsors..and the young ones who whined even less then us"seasoned" competitors. I was lucky enough to leave with all of my plastic. Go Broncos!

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